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new horizons therapy

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Compassionate therapy for anxiety, OCD, and disordered eating

Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and the rest of Ontario

hi, i'm jenna!

I'm an experienced therapist passionate about helping people on their journey of personal growth and improved mental health.


I specialize in helping people with anxiety, OCD, and disordered eating face their fears, regain control of their thoughts and feelings, and feel more relaxed and confident.

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Do you ever get told...
That you worry too much? That you get stressed out too easily? That you're too hard on yourself? That you don't know how to relax?

Have you ever wondered...
Why you need to constantly feel in control? Why you always think the worst is about to happen? Why you feel like your brain is constantly running and never quiets down? Why you often feel overwhelmed by fear, guilt, or self-doubt?

Do you ever wish...
You could feel more confident? You could trust yourself more? Or go with the flow a bit more? Or just turn your brain off for a little while?

Struggling in these ways sucks - but it doesn't have to be that way forever.


Therapy for

Finally find freedom from intrusive thoughts, feelings of guilt and anxiety, and exhausting compulsions with the gold-standard OCD treatment.


Therapy for

Stop feeling weighed down by fear and self-doubt and learn to tackle anxiety head-on so you can get back to living your life. 


Therapy for
Disordered Eating

Reclaim your relationship with food and body image through evidence-based therapies tailored to
your recovery. 

specialized therapy services

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